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011 – Your Leadership Story Podcast: The Art of Fearless, Influential Leadership


John Kramp, David Atchision, leadership, consulting, executiveBill Seaver, Founder of MicroExplosion Media, shares insights about fearless, influential leadership in this encouraging interview. In his professional career, Bill has experienced business from large corporations to smaller entrepreneurial companies. Along the way, he gained fresh insights that can benefit any leader.

  • Why you should give rather than hoard your ideas
  • How to gain access to potential businesses and leaders with whom you want to work
  • The truth about influence that leaders sometimes overlook
  • The “crazy enough it just might work” principle
  • Why leaders must constantly ask uncomfortable questions
  • The danger of people agreeing with you too much

During the interview, Bill Seaver shares a great story about how he partnered with an established radiology company to launch a new line of adjustable-height desks branded as UpDesk including one of their innovations, the UpWrite: Writing On Desk. You can watch a quick video here. The UpDesk story highlights the importance of reinvention. You can learn more about the company here.

We ran out of time in the interview to ask Bill Seaver more about another company he launched called Epic Frequency that creates art from the wave forms of iconic audio recordings. To see what the buzz is about, watch this short video.

If you are stuck on a project, or struggling with how to move your business to the next level, or need a speaker for your next corporate event, you can contact Bill Seaver here.

Bill Seaver has a great story to share with leaders and we’re grateful he was willing to talk about his leadership story.